Nibbles to share
Cured ham Iberico Bellota £15.00 per 100g
                          Iberico £10.00 per 100g
Bread, oil and vinegar £4.50
Sun dried tomatoes and olives £4.50


Partridge ravioli on a bed of spinach leaves served with a
poached bantam egg (veggie option with mushrooms) £8.00                                
Potted Grouse served with sour dough toast £7.50
Smoked wild duck breast with dressed salad £8.00
Honey and apple balsamic pigeon breast salad with walnuts £7.50
Warming roast carrot and parsnip soup  £5.00
Wild boar pork belly bits with apple sauce £6.00


Roast Partridge served off the bone with white wine sauce £18.00
roast vegetables & baby potatoes cooked in duck fat
Teal on toast  £18.50
served on the bone, whole teal cooked on a slice of sourdough toast       
allowing the bread to soak up all the amazing juices from the little duck
served with root vegetables and green beens
Chilli and apple glazed squab pigeon on a bed of apple and potato hash £24.00
with roast tomatoes and a poached bantam egg
Goose curry served with steamed wild rice and garlic naan £18.00
(try this with English sparkling wine)
Plaice fillet with wild mushroom and crayfish tails served with £22.00
lemon butter fried crushed baby potatoes
Mushroom and truffle risotto £14.50

Steak and chips                                        £25.00
All our steaks are dry aged for a MINIMUM of 28 to 40 days and are served with triple cooked chips tomatoes and truffle butter mushrooms. Our steaks are so juicy if cooked in our recommended range you will not need a sauce as the steaks are bursting with flavour. However, if you would like we will make a sauce for you to order.
Sirloin    10-14 oz  ( recommended rare to medium rare )
Rump    12-16 oz  ( recommended medium rare to medium )
Rib Eye 10-12 oz ( recommended rare to medium rare )
Fillet    8-10 oz  ( recommended blue to rare ) £5 surcharge

Desserts all £7.50
Lemon cheese cake
Blackberry and apple fruit crumble
Chocolate brownie with walnuts and cherries
A cheese board of French and English cheeses with crackers and fruit (Supplement of £2)

 We do not add service charge to your bill. If you feel that our service staff have taken good care of you, as we hope they will please feel free to leave them a little something.
For reservations please call William on 07701 33 33 23 : Weald Place. Duck Lane, Thornwood, Epping. CM16 6NE