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For many years, William has wanted to open his own restaurant and finally he has. "The Cart Shed" is a 24 cover restaurant that is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and for Sunday lunch. We will be showcasing the best of local and seasonal food, much of which will have been produced on the family farm, but we aim not to travel more than 10 miles for any of our ingredients (except for the odd exotic like lemons for your G&T). 

We have rejuvenated the horticultural side of the farm and also added state of the art hydroponics to extend growing seasons of green vegetables and the likes of tomatoes and strawberries. Along with poultry, quail and squab pigeon the farm is providing much of the food served in the restaurant. 

William and his friends will also be out with their guns and fishing rods to provide a little wild meat for the table such as venison, partridge and trout not to mention the humble wood pigeon and rabbit.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

We are located on William's families farm just outside Epping in the village of Thornwood in the grounds of the family home.

Weald Place
9 Duck Lane
CM16 6NE